A medley of specially selected fresh vegetables is seasoned, and simmered down in curry and coconut milk, resulting in a delectable stew. The word Ital is derived from the word vital, which reflects the Rastafarian practice of creating words by replacing significant syllables and pronouns with the letter "I" Ital cooking is way of preparing and cooking food that is in keeping with Rastafarian beliefs and practices. Like the word vital, Ital means essential. Ital cooking generally excludes the use of salt and meat and anything else like artificial flavors and preservatives.

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With bursting flavors of romaine, field greens, cucumbers, grape tomatoes, and cranberries drizzled with a homemade recipe of red wine vinaigrette. Optional ingredients: Jerk chicken, crushed walnuts or roasted pecans and feta cheese.


Ripened plantains are always a crowd favorite that can be enjoyed as an appetizer and pairs well with our Jerk fare. We are a big fan of coconut and avocado oil.


A delightful combination of red kidney beans or pigeon peas and rice, simmered in a mixture of coconut milk, thyme and pimento. This is the standard starch that is served with our meals but can also be ordered in large quantities for your onsite event. This is often consumed as a vegetarian meal.

*All Vegetarian items are Gluten Free