Just about any meat, fish or vegetable can be seasoned or marinated with Uncle Dennis’ Jamaican Jerk Marinade. Its usage is only limited by your imagination. For best results, we recommend brining meats and some seafood in a saltwater mixture before cooking. This adds flavor, tenderness, and reduces cooking times as well.

The Short Story of Jerk
A long time ago the Blue Mountains of Jamaica were populated by an abundance of wild pigs, which was a great source of meat for the native folks called the Maroons. However, the pigs would prove exceedingly difficult to capture and kill. When they would butcher one, the Maroons had to find a way to keep the meat longer than the day's meal. The reason being that the next kill could be days or weeks away. Using a wide array of wild berries, plant leaves, tree barks and peppers they learned how to preserve the meat. They used stones to pound and grind the ingredients into a paste which was then applied to the meat as a marinade. Chief among the ingredients was the pimento, widely known today as allspice. Not only were the berries from the pimento trees used in the marinade but the branches and leaves were utilized as a part of the cooking process. The meat was then slowly cooked over the pimento wood while covered with the leaves.