A Jamaican native and food enthusiast, Dennis operated a successful Jamaican restaurant in Santa Monica, CA and have managed several large scale catering engagements. His passion for Jamaican food led him to create his own spices, marinades and seasonings, while not departing from the basic heady flavors that are distinctly Jamaican. His unique blends of Jerk seasonings, sauces and marinades are used extensively in creating his menu items.


As a young child he was exposed to the kitchen by his aunt who was an original foodie and teacher of cookery at a local vocational school. He took an active part in assisting her with food preparation and started preparing great meals on his own during his early teen years. His passion for preparing great tasting and wholesome foods is a lifelong endeavor. He is an astute observer and practitioner of the many food preparation and cooking methods of the Jamaican gastronomical scene.  Dennis uses the Santa Maria style grilling extensively to prepare his Jerk meats that are guaranteed to be always delightful to the palate.