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Wild pig meat was the first meat to be jerked in Jamaica. Our locally sourced pasture raised pork meals are available in whole loin, chops and shoulder roasts. The meat is brined then marinated in our specially blended Jerk marinade. Depending on the event, we roast the meats either in the oven or on our Santa Maria style grill. In either roasting method, the rich and flavorful juices remain within the meat.  We also use various glazes customized to your taste as part of the finishing process. We guarantee that our meats will always be well flavored and succulent when served

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Chicken is a very versatile meat and is served with our salads, as an appetizer or small food, and as an entrée. Our pasture raised chickens are prepared in the same manner as our pork and are available as whole birds or parts.



Wild caught fish is lightly marinated in our jerk seasoning and grilled on a wood plank or oven baked.



Whole fresh birds are prepared in the same manner as all our other jerk meats. Special care is taken to avoid serving dry meat by roasting the birds at a very low temperature thus keeping the meat moist all the way to your plate. Our turkeys are usually special ordered and require at least a week's notice prior to your event.

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This is a party favorite of many. Like all our jerk fare whole chicken wings are marinated and baked at low temperature. Our wings are never fried.